Majestic Skies Ranch, NM

More info about Majestic Skies Ranch

  1. Secluded getaway in the middle of New Mexico – centrally located – can get to most of NM within ½ day (i.e. Albuquerque, Carlsbad, VLA, Roswell, White Sands, Pueblo sites, and many other natural (i.e. Valley of Fires, Sandia Mountains) as well as “wild” west historical sites. (i.e. Billy the Kid, Fort Sumner, etc.).
  2. Ideal for stargazing (following glorious sunsets) – nearest town (1000 people) 30 miles away, zodiacal light visible EVERY clear night. Large concrete pad to set telescopes upon.
  3. Spectacular and pristine natural desert beauty.
  4. Wildlife & Bird watching.
  5. Fossil hunting & geology (guests responsible for needed permits!).
  6. Great for astronomers, artists, hikers, philosophers, photographers, writers, or anyone else that needs to “get away from it all”.
  7. 60 minutes from Ski Apache for skiers.